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东阳市佳轮电子机械有限公司 东阳市佳轮电子机械有限公司

Patent product–JIALUN New tension Head


Patent No.: ZL 200930308367.X     

Patent product, the imitation must investigate!
Please recognize the JIALUN trademark!

Through more than one year of research and development and the unceasing craft improvement, the New Style tension head first time show in CISMA exhibition in 22th Sep, 2009. It has attracted the numerous home and abroad professional's attention, and obtains the consistent high praise!

It has made many craft improvements in the traditional structure's foundation, has overcome traditional tension head many place deficiencies, has the following advantages:

1)Thin Material Fine Embroidery
2)Pattern Neat
3)Accurately Embroider Small Stitch
4)Simple Cross Thread
5)Convenience Test
6)Less Thread Break

Thanks for your choice of JIALUN, We will carve out and develop constantly to offer more perfect product and service to our customers.